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About Naomi

Retreat Leader & Yoga Teacher

My Yoga teaching career began in 2013 and since then I have been involved in academic research, trauma-informed work and in creating and leading yoga and health-based retreats.

I believe Yoga has a vital, wonderful role to play in our lives today. 

Vara’s philosophy is grounded in the knowledge of Yoga’s therapeutic capacity to enhance our sense of self and well-being. 

As Yoga continues to reach out across cultures and communities, I love the task we have as teachers to honour and deepen our knowledge of its origins and to meaningfully bring this tradition and its wisdom into the lives of our students with nuance, skill and a sensitivity toward the context within which we teach. 

Vara Retreats

​Retreats are incredibly meaningful. 

They carry the potential to catalyse real change in our lives and provide us with the space and time to restore a deep and meaningful connection to ourselves and others. 

Our retreats explore the vital mind-body connection in order to strengthen our sense of wellbeing through carefully crafted programmes establishing strong foundations and wholesome habits for balanced mental, emotional and physical health. 

​We will give you the time to treasure precious moments of peace and reflection, create inspiring friendships with new people in new places, as well as provide you with opportunities to develop a greater understanding of yourself and your own place in the world.